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Simon Farrant


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Deep in the bowels of an abandoned industrial estate hangs a noose. Lovingly prepared. 

Alyson Read loves her family. Wants desperately to protect them. But an old flame might burn her reality to the ground. 

Gary Honeyman has a need. A need so powerful it forced his wife to an early grave. 

As two worlds collide, one secret hangs in the balance. One secret that could change everything. 

“I really enjoyed the characters and found I just couldn’t put it down.”

Lesley, England

“The characters are well depicted, you can see them in your minds eye. Just when you think you know who to hate your emotions turn on their head.

I really enjoyed this book.”

Paula D, Wales

“A Clever Dark Twisting read …with a secret waiting to be uncovered…A Quiet seething rage …with a darkening obsession …5 stars …”

Livia S, Scotland

“WOW, Simon sure knows how to write a rollercoaster of a book. He straps you in and takes you on an amazing journey.”

Nikki, England

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